Several years ago Andre Langston (station manager of WDKX radio in Rochester, New York) and Van White had an idea – why not create brief, yet informative, public service announcement which informed urban residents of their legal rights. The format basically involved taking common legal questions and controversies which Van had received off the air and answering the questions on air in a way that was educational and entertaining. At the end of each radio segment and offering up some helpful legal information Van would utter his tag line… “So Now You Know”. That’s how The Legal Brief was born. Well fifteen years and hundred (perhaps thousands) of radio hours later, we thought we’d share “The Best of The Legal Brief” with you. Hope you enjoy and learn something important along the way. Now that Van White is a judge, he can no longer practice law or offer legal advice. Therefore, The Legal Briefs contained in this section are from the Legal Brief archives and are not offered for the purposes of providing legal advice. However, even as a judge, Van will always be there, wherever and whenever he is asked, to inform and inspire our community.