What is it that you believe in which has made the most difference in your life? Was it your grandmother’s thoughful advice? The mentor who spent time with you when no one else would? The coach who insisted that you “produce” in the classroom before you got a chance perform on the field? Maybe it was something simple that nobody noticed other than you – i.e. like every time your parent would pin your good report card on the refrigerator? The fact is that most of us have had people do “things” for us (or have had things happen to us) which we believe made a difference in our lives. What if there was a place where others could learn about those positive, life changing, character building practices and behaviors? That’s what this project is all about. When you call 1-855-IBLIEVE and leave a recorded message regarding your thoughts and experiences, you may become a part of a inspirational book intended to share everyday, common sense, life altering practices which could change people’s lives.
If you want to become a part of this inspirational project call 1-855-IBLIEVE.
Rather than call, feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment box below. Again we are asking that you describe those people or events which you believe had a positive impact on your life.
So, for example, you might write something like… “I BELIEVE… that my parents served as a positive role model for how I should raise my own children.”
It’s entirely up to you what you share. But we asked that you only share those things or people that made a difference in your life. Remember the goal of this project is to inspire and motivate people to consider replicating some of these same behaviors and activities in their own lives. So, again, what is it that you believe in?
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