February 2024

To support the Seventh Judicial District’s celebration of Black History Month, the
CFSCHRL “loaned” many of its portraits and exhibits to the courthouse. These items remained on display for the entire month of February 2024.

HOJ Career and College Fair

CFSCHRL is pleased to share the news that on October 4, 2023 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm the Seventh Judicial District, the City of Rochester, and Action for a Better Community will be holding the first of its kind Career Job Fair right inside the Hall of Justice located at 88 Exchange Blvd in the City of Rochester, NY.  CFSCHRL is pleased that one of its Board members was responsible “…for bringing people together to turn the vision of a job in college fair in the hall of justice into reality.” Please spread the word regarding this important event. 

No Cap

When CFSCHRL went to the Healthy Baby Network’s leadership team and the City of Rochester with an idea of creating a space for people caught up in the criminal justice system to discuss solutions to challenges which they face, “No Cap” rap/discussion groups were born. Defendants (between the ages of 18-55) who are referred by a judge to No Cap now have a place where they can have open, honest, and reflective conversations about where they are at and where they are going in their lives. If you know of a person who could benefit from these types of conversations (even if they don’t have criminal cases pending), please contact the Healthy Baby Network at (585) 545-4930.

Spoons For Haiti

During 2014, the CFSCHRL, the Rochester City School District, and other private and parochial schools, as part of Spoons for Haiti, collected over 10,000.00 spoons for the people of Haiti who had been devastated by natural disasters.