Often times people can’t get to the Center. Or, sometimes, groups are so large that the Center can’t accommodate all of the visitors at one time. And, at other times, it just makes sense to take our inspiring and educational exhibits on the road because that’s where we are needed – e.g. schools, conferences and other organizational events where people are already at an existing place.
Those are the occasions that we gladly bring the (CRMOW) to you. For example, we have an instructional program, developed by educators, with New York State learning standards in mind, that tells the powerful and inspiring story of Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on a segregated Montgomery transit bus.
Professionally trained actors re-enact what happened on that day and give your students a first hand look at an amazing day in American history. When students and staff “get off the bus”, they will leave with an inspiring and memorable educational experience.

Most Recent Trips and Visits By the CRMOW

January 2024

While the CRMOW is usually put away in storage during the winter months, we made a couple of exceptions this year for some pretty important events.

The CRMOW visited the elementary students and staff of the Walter Cooper Academy in Rochester, New York.